Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lates Cheat Poker Facebook

The last few months Facebook Poker Cheat Keyword increasing extraordinary. Incidentally also was an avid Facebook Poker playing one game online free flash-based player that also had a chance to make this blog neglected for some time. In accordance with the title of this post about the latest Facebook Poker Cheat, I want to share one way that I know, this is not a cheat but more accurately called the latest tricks to outsmart the Lottery Facebook that often appear in the early opening of this poker application page. Although not included Poker Cheat Facebook but so-so was included as one way to increase the coffers Chips in our account. The next trick let's assume the new Facebook Poker Cheat, cheat be imposed only for the same purpose aja kok, cuman we better play in the early part of this application exactly as I said earlier that a lottery many times.

How do I? Here's how:

1. Sign facebook application using the Opera browser. Remember only use Facebook poker chips cheat is if you use Opera browser is not IE or Mozilla Firefox. Once you've logged in as usual to enter into friends facebook account, then go to the Facebook application to Poker poker tricks we consider it as a Cheat.

2. After you enter the Poker Facebook application, it will appear Lottery which is applied by Zynga create a user once in 24 hours. It was taukan lottery which one? I'm sure my friends already know. Then click a check in the lottery of my friends got. Once you click the check mark is green yyang, CLICK submenu immediately example facebook Home / Home. Do it quickly before the application is complete Loading Poker. After being on the Home or Home, in your Opera browser click the Back (the arrow that leads to the back of it). Back after clicking the sign, then the friend will be brought back to Poker facebook applications have a friend who had entered earlier. Well after entering the Poker application, will reappear Number Lottery will you get for the second time. Check again and then click Back on your Opera browser and your friends will be brought back to the porch or Home. Do it again and again until you are satisfied.

The way that I think of it as the latest Facebook Poker Cheat can only be done through the Opera browser. Remember the Opera browser. Because according to one of my friends, opera browser stores cookies. Well this is one of the cookies that recorded by Opera.

Monday, February 22, 2010

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Cover Girl" Apparel Magazine Contribute First Gold for USA

Lindsey Vonn, athletes Alpine skiing or downhill skiing, which contributed the first gold for the United States at the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 in Canada. He beat fellow countrymen who are also rivals since childhood, Julia Mancuso, who had to settle for the silver medal won.

Vonn, who became the cover girl dressed in a U.S. magazine, Sports Illustrated (SI), break time made Mancuso after winning 0.56 seconds. In addition, the 25-year-old athlete was also clear the U.S. thirst for 16 years at the Winter Olympics because the country never again won a gold medal in downhill skiing since 1984. Won a silver medal athlete Austria, Elisabeth Goergl, which 1.46 seconds adrift.

These results are certainly very encouraging because Vonn came with less than prime condition. Right shin hurt so last week he could not even use the skis. However, unexpectedly, as performed here can be a champion Vonn.

Five of the 30 athletes could not perform superior maximum in an accident. One of them is a Swedish athlete, Anja Paerson. Meanwhile, British athlete, Chemmy Alcott, must be satisfied in order to-13.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1.100 Police arrested the Taliban

Afghanistan increasingly eager to quickly quell the Taliban out. Yesterday, approximately 1,100 police officers deployed to the area to conduct attacks Marjah.

"We've got 1100 extra police. This is the power to take over after the military operations in the two districts, namely Marjah and Nad Ali district," said spokesman Zemerai Bashari in Kabul.

The plan would help the police terud added to reach 1600. They are trained, armed police to complete unloaded at strategic areas.

A case of preaching, since Saturday and about 15,000 combined troops from Afghanistan, the United States and NATO forces launched an offensive into the Marjah City. Group fierce Taliban resistance. They use human shields and destroy mines, buildings and trees with a bomb.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lady Gaga Big Win at the Brit Awards 2010

Again singer Lady Gaga reap achievement. He managed to get three trophies in the 2010 Brit Awards event held in London, Tuesday (16/2/2010) evening.

Lady got the most awards in the event that the nomination by the International Female Solo Artist, International Album and International Breakthrough Act. Lady alongside vocal group JLS who pocketed two trophies.

To complete his victory, reported by the Examiner, Wednesday (17/2/2010), Lady provides interesting treats in the arena. He appeared wearing a transparent dress covered in feathers in some parts. Lady set the makeup and hair such as fashion.

Lady Victory in nomination International Breakthrought Act be evidence that he deserved to prevail. Previously when the trophy in the Best New Artist Grammy Awards, Lady get a lot of scorn. Many who consider chanter hits 'Poker Face' was not worth it.

Meanwhile, no other JLS are alumni of 'The X Factor' won the award of British Breakthrough Act and British Single for the song 'Beat Again'.

Other musicians who also triumphed in this event are Jay Z, Oasis, Kasabian, Lily Allen and Dizzee Rascal. Here's a list of some Brit Awards 2010 winners:

British Male Solo Artist - Dizzee Rascal
International Male Solo Artist - Jay-Z
Brits Album of 30 Years - Oasis '(What's The Story) Morning Glory'
British Breakthrough Act - JLS
British Single - 'Beat Again' - JLS
Critics Choice: Ellie Goulding
British Group - Kasabian
International Breakthrough Act - Lady Gaga
International Female Solo Artist - Lady Gaga
British Female Solo Artist - Lily Allen
International Album - 'The Fame' Lady Gaga
MasterCard British Album - Florence & the Machine 'Lungs'
Outstanding Contribution Award - Robbie Williams
The BRITs Hits 30, Best Performance - Spice Girls 'Wannabe/Who Do You Think You Are'

162 Injuries In Belgium Train Accident

As many as 162 people were injured, according to provincial governor Lodewijk De Witte said in a statement.

De Witte said, the local service train from Leuven, has a red light and hit the majors Liege Express train, which delayed about 10 minutes.

Train operator SNCB says too early to speculate about the cause of the accident. A total of 250 to 300 people are on the train when the accident occurred.

The two trains hit each other, and the back was thrown into the air. Power lines on the tracks were badly damaged.

Injured taken to hospital 14 separately in Brussels and surrounding areas. "Two of the first car completely wrecked," said Mounir Hambaoui (37).

"I was in the car right behind him. The train fell to one side, the people fall overlap, the air stale and women and children crying."

Monday, February 15, 2010

Jobs have a Risk of Lung Cancer

Most people know the cause of lung cancer due to smoking. But research in Italy showed a man who worked in certain jobs can increase the risk of lung cancer.

Consonni Dario researchers and colleagues from IRCCS Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico in Milan, find as much as 5 percent of men are affected by lung cancer associated with a particular job.

Yet according to the American Journal of Epidemiology, smoking remains a major cause for the disease of lung cancer. While chemicals and dangerous work that few can play a special role to the risk of lung cancer.

To see the relationship between lung cancer with the work, the researchers involved 2100 people diagnosed with lung cancer and 2120 healthy individuals with respect to age, gender and place of residence.

The result, obtained for 12 percent of men diagnosed with lung cancer worked in the mining, metal factory and some construction work.

Men with a risky job has probably 74 percent higher diagnosed with lung cancer.

The strongest association seen in the work related to ceramics, pottery, brick industry and non-metal industrial metal. In addition, in a small number of people also found a high risk of lung cancer in people who worked at a gas station, a glass worker and a welder.

This is probably caused by exposure to some chemicals continuously, do not use protective equipment like masks that special mamadai that can filter out small particles, or lack of medical examinations for the workers themselves.

As for women, the risk has not been established ditimbulkanya. This is because the number of women who are exposed to only a few that was not the right to take a conclusion. But the researchers speculate that this increase in risk of lung cancer in women who worked in the laundry and dry cleaners.

"The results of this discovery confirms the need for increased monitoring and continuous control of exposure to certain chemicals related to the job. It is good for prevention and as a compensation for the workers," said Dario Consonni, as quoted by Reuters on Tuesday (16 / 2 / 2010).