Tuesday, February 16, 2010

162 Injuries In Belgium Train Accident

As many as 162 people were injured, according to provincial governor Lodewijk De Witte said in a statement.

De Witte said, the local service train from Leuven, has a red light and hit the majors Liege Express train, which delayed about 10 minutes.

Train operator SNCB says too early to speculate about the cause of the accident. A total of 250 to 300 people are on the train when the accident occurred.

The two trains hit each other, and the back was thrown into the air. Power lines on the tracks were badly damaged.

Injured taken to hospital 14 separately in Brussels and surrounding areas. "Two of the first car completely wrecked," said Mounir Hambaoui (37).

"I was in the car right behind him. The train fell to one side, the people fall overlap, the air stale and women and children crying."