Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Cover Girl" Apparel Magazine Contribute First Gold for USA

Lindsey Vonn, athletes Alpine skiing or downhill skiing, which contributed the first gold for the United States at the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 in Canada. He beat fellow countrymen who are also rivals since childhood, Julia Mancuso, who had to settle for the silver medal won.

Vonn, who became the cover girl dressed in a U.S. magazine, Sports Illustrated (SI), break time made Mancuso after winning 0.56 seconds. In addition, the 25-year-old athlete was also clear the U.S. thirst for 16 years at the Winter Olympics because the country never again won a gold medal in downhill skiing since 1984. Won a silver medal athlete Austria, Elisabeth Goergl, which 1.46 seconds adrift.

These results are certainly very encouraging because Vonn came with less than prime condition. Right shin hurt so last week he could not even use the skis. However, unexpectedly, as performed here can be a champion Vonn.

Five of the 30 athletes could not perform superior maximum in an accident. One of them is a Swedish athlete, Anja Paerson. Meanwhile, British athlete, Chemmy Alcott, must be satisfied in order to-13.