Monday, February 15, 2010

Jobs have a Risk of Lung Cancer

Most people know the cause of lung cancer due to smoking. But research in Italy showed a man who worked in certain jobs can increase the risk of lung cancer.

Consonni Dario researchers and colleagues from IRCCS Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico in Milan, find as much as 5 percent of men are affected by lung cancer associated with a particular job.

Yet according to the American Journal of Epidemiology, smoking remains a major cause for the disease of lung cancer. While chemicals and dangerous work that few can play a special role to the risk of lung cancer.

To see the relationship between lung cancer with the work, the researchers involved 2100 people diagnosed with lung cancer and 2120 healthy individuals with respect to age, gender and place of residence.

The result, obtained for 12 percent of men diagnosed with lung cancer worked in the mining, metal factory and some construction work.

Men with a risky job has probably 74 percent higher diagnosed with lung cancer.

The strongest association seen in the work related to ceramics, pottery, brick industry and non-metal industrial metal. In addition, in a small number of people also found a high risk of lung cancer in people who worked at a gas station, a glass worker and a welder.

This is probably caused by exposure to some chemicals continuously, do not use protective equipment like masks that special mamadai that can filter out small particles, or lack of medical examinations for the workers themselves.

As for women, the risk has not been established ditimbulkanya. This is because the number of women who are exposed to only a few that was not the right to take a conclusion. But the researchers speculate that this increase in risk of lung cancer in women who worked in the laundry and dry cleaners.

"The results of this discovery confirms the need for increased monitoring and continuous control of exposure to certain chemicals related to the job. It is good for prevention and as a compensation for the workers," said Dario Consonni, as quoted by Reuters on Tuesday (16 / 2 / 2010).

Microsoft and Google Racing in the Olympic Games 2010

Olympics Winter 2010 also seems to be an excellent race to Google and Microsoft. Both are competing to display information and the best virtual view of that event.

They tried to present the best information for those who can not come directly to the snowy slopes of Vancouver, the site of the Olympic Games.

Launched from Cnet, Monday (15/2/2010), both using the software mapping has to remain can update the game is in progress.

Microsoft through Bing Maps Olimpide offer special page. Here visitors can see the acquisition as well as the pursuit of medals athletes in each country. This view is also supported by photographs of Vancouver is a continuously updated.

Meanwhile, Google displays an interactive schedule, links to the medal and also view the location of the race duration.

Google also put a special vehicle for the visual display. Vehicle named 'The slope of View' is able to walk in the snow and help the rider capture location.

Not leave it at that, Google is also celebrating the Olympic mat featuring Olympic themed doodles. While Bing, wearing image of Olymplic smelly as a background.

MU without Vidic Go to San Siro

Manchester United back line will not be strengthened by Nemanja Vidic. Chelsea defender is likely to face AC Milan's absence due to nerve problems in his knee.

MU without Vidic when come to the San Siro to melakoni first leg last 16 of the Champions League, Wednesday (17/2/2010). That means that Serbia international defender has never played for the year 2010.

While Rio Ferdinand has been confirmed fit for the match against Milan this. Absence of Vidic made manager Alex Ferguson will play with Jonny Evans Ferdinand or Wes Brown.

As reported by Reuters, Ryan Giggs has also been confirmed missing after a crack in his hand last week. Nani is suspended while in the domestic fight, ready to take Ferguson.

However, Ferguson does not lack in the front-line players. Wayne Rooney will still be hope for the MU on the front lines in the face of Milan, however, kept asking Rooney wary of the threat of Milan squad later.

However, Rooney remained wary of the threat asking Milan squad. "Milan have a few players who can score goals from set pieces. So I think we should be aware of," he said.

MU team: Van der Sar, Kuszczak, Foster, Neville, Brown, Rafael, Ferdinand, Evans, Evra, Fabio, Park, Nani, Valencia, Carrick, Scholes, Fletcher, Gibson, Rooney, Owen, Berbatov, Diouf.

Pope Benedict Compete with Star of "Reality Show"

Pope Benedict XVI, Monday, was nominated to receive the highest award the British classical music. He will compete with television reality show star.

The Pope was nominated for Classical Brit Awards category Album of the year because of the song on the album Alma Mater - Music From the Vatican.

There are 10 competitors for that category, including two from the British television reality show, which stars Britain's Got Talent, Faryl Smith, and X-Factor, Rhydian Roberts.

Another competitor is the three Catholic priests from a group called The Priests, with their second release titled Harmony. Award-winning album of the year, chosen by the public, will be announced in London on 13 May. Last year the award was obtained by bagpipe music group The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.