Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bomb explosion at shopping center in Australia

Assembled bomb explosion occurred in a shopping center in Darwin, Australia. The blast wounded 13 people. Two of them in serious condition.
According to local police, a man seen pushing a shopping cart to the entrance of the insurance office TIO Banking Office located inside the mall complex. The man then left.
A moment later it exploded shopping cart. In the shopping cart there are three cans of gasoline and fireworks.
"There .... explosion caused by a mixture of fuel and fireworks," said an ambulance spokesman told AFP news agency on Wednesday (3/2/2010).
He said all the wounded had been sent to the Darwin Hospital. Injuries suffered ranged from burns, cuts and shortness of breath due to smoke inhalation.
Arose after the panic had heard the explosion. "Everyone was hysterical, everyone was panicking," said one eyewitness.
Shortly after the incident, a man came to surrender himself to police. Currently the police are still examine the man's motive for the act.