Wednesday, July 15, 2009

RI grateful to Bosnian Muslims of helping Aceh and Nias

Sarajevo - Through the Great General Mufti Mustafa Ceric, the leader of the Islamic Bosnia-Herzegovina, submitted a certificate of thanks signed speech by President Yudhoyono of Indonesia.

"The Government and people of Indonesia to thank the people of Islam Bosnia-Herzegovina on the humanitarian assistance that has been given to the people of Aceh and Nias struck down when the earthquake and tsunami disaster," Embassador RI Mangasi Sihombing in front of the General Mufti Mustafa Ceric Court in Sarajevo, as submitted by the Secretary III Pensosbud Patricia Silalahi to detikcom, Wednesday (15/7/2009).

Sihombing said that the reconstruction and rehabilitation programs are a disaster area is almost completed this year, where the situation is now better than before the disaster.

General Mufti Ceric Court in the responses also thank the assistance the government and people of Indonesia at the beginning of the independence of Bosnia-Herzegovina, including the development of Istiqlal Mosque in Sarajevo Indonesia.

At first, General Mufti Ceric Agung submit an Al-Quran is printed based on the old script, but with instructions to read. Mufti order to Dubes Sihombing holy book that can be delivered to one of the leaders of Islam in Indonesia.

In the meeting also discussed future cooperation between Indonesian Bosnia-Herzegovina, including the level of non-government, among others, agreed to seek to exchange visits and training for the Imam.
from detikcom