Sunday, February 7, 2010

About Terry, Capello No Comment

England national team coach, Fabio Capello, decided to keep the contents of his conversation with defender John Terry, who led Terry dismissal from office team captain. According to him, the conversation is personal and when it was held only to satisfy public curiosity, would be unfair to Terry.

It was submitted relating to the disclosure of an affair with a former boyfriend Terry England defender, Wayne Bridge, Vanessa Perroncel. Criticized the British public's behavior and judge Terry was worthy of the tire captain. England Football Federation (FA) submit this issue to Capello.

According to several people close to Capello, Capello does not want to interfere with private business players. However, when it was threatening the integrity and the preparation of the team, especially for the 2010 World Cup South Africa, Capello will act firmly. This was later proved.

According to Capello, the problems over there. He has done his duty to keep the integrity of the national team. Public about who wants to know the details of the conversation, Capello was not considered part of his job. Moreover, given the controversy died down after that decision, Capello assess, discuss the details would only make the issue flared again this unfortunate and English.

"No question about John Terry or captain. I've talked to John Terry. You all know why. It was a private conversation. No question (about it). This is a normal weekend for me. No more problems," Capello said.

'Avatar' Excluded Of Box Office

After seven weeks, mighty at the top of box office, 'Avatar' finally toppled. Film James Cameron's claim, was defeated by a romantic film, 'Dear John. "

'Dear John,' able to collect U.S. $ 32 million in the week. As for 'Avatar' is seven weeks in a row, best-selling-sweet, now just get a U.S. $ 22 million.

We played last weekend, 'Dear John' is a direct defeat 'Avatar. " The film's adaptation of Nicholas Spark's novel, it earned U.S. $ 13.8 million, while the 'Avatar', U.S. $ 6.8 million.

'Dear John' starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried. Tatum is known as a movie star 'G.I. Joe, 'while Seyfried name soared through the film' Mamma Mia!. "

Being in the sequence of 3 box office, there is the latest John Travolta movie, 'From Paris With Love. " Meanwhile, Mel Gibson tergres action, 'Edge of Darkness,' is one rank below the John Travolta film.