Friday, February 5, 2010

Boy 8 Years Found Killed in Hotel Luxury, Manhattan

A boy found dead in a luxury hotel in Manhattan, United States (U.S.). He was only 8 years old.
Near the child's body, lying on her mother's body is almost dead. Notes contain suicide note found near the woman.

Thus disclosed a policeman who requested his identity be kept secret as Saturday (6/2/2010).

Local police are investigating cases of child deaths in the 16th floor of the Peninsula Hotel. According to police, the incident in a five-star hotel room was a murder and attempted suicide. A number of prescription drugs allegedly used in this deadly incident.

Police went to the hotel after a relative of Belgium called the police and said that the woman who is not mentioned by name had been sending him emails. In the email was written that the 49-year-old woman was going to kill her son and herself.

The boy was found in bed in a lifeless condition. While his mother was lying weakly on the floor near her son. She was immediately rushed to the hospital. His condition is stable.

Local police are on the scene to investigate.