Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year, World Eyes's Blind

A fissure in the Arab peninsula, Palestine, which is defend their rights in themotherland, but is still subject by the Israeli occupiers and have extraordinary power to destroy Gaza Strip from occupation by the people of Palestine themselves.

Peak after the armistice that ended, Israel attacked the blind Gaza Strip and the people of Palestine, until the victim reaches 300 people.

However, it closed the eyes of the world sheets cover the face, as if nothing happens there. American and allieds not see the incident as a violation of human rights, violations of the Geneva Convention clearly there are rules in the battle. Palestine civilians into attact targets not known from the Israeli military, civil settlement so bombs targets malignant.

Unfortunately, it only made the World wake up when small things, but the great things not to care at all. Or they see the benefits they would always supported, although human rights or conflict with their conscience.

U.S. and UN always said as the World Police, but just a Security guard of Israel, not the find for truth and who is wrong, but defend the Israel! Double standards apply again for the world to see a problem.

Eyes closed, so deaf ears, so rigid foot to step, holding the hand of hard, so again the world is sick, sick deserve only the new year is not happy, but because of unhappiness in a sick world again, again blind tyranny that will occur in the Land of Palestine.

Sent prayer for the safety of Palestine, hope is always in the shelter of God. Amen

Earthquake in West Papua

Today, 4th January 2009, the earthquake occurred in Manokwari, West Papua. Meteorological and Geophysical Agency (BMG) recorded strength 7.2 Richter Scale (SR). While the USGS (United States Geological Survey) recorded earthquake was 7.6 Magnitude strength.

News from site of USGS, the earthquake recorded at 04:43:54 WIT or 02:43:54 WIB. USGS earthquake center was a little bit different with BMG, the LS 0510, 132,783 BT. Coordinates earthquake center is based BMG 0:42 LS - 132.93 BT.

The located in an earthquake in the sea, near the North Coast of Papua. This earthquake center around 150 KMs from the City of Manokwari or 170 KMs from the City of Sorong. Therefore, the earthquake is the vibration felt by residents in Manokwari.

Teh result of this earthquake, residents in Manokwari jump out of the house when the earthquake happened. Until at 06.10 WIT, Manokwari residents are still outside the home. A number of buildings in Manokwari, including the Hotel Mulia cracked.