Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In Indonesia, Point Blank reach 2 Million Users

Slow coming of online gaming First Shoter Person (FPS) or Point Blank so-called PB, began to shift the type of the fame game, the Counter Strike (CS). This game also claimed to have a sufficient number of players a lot.

PB formally by PT Kreon trafficked in Indonesia and was introduced to the public since June 25, 2009. Although still relatively new, but this game was quite successful in the market.

This is indicated by PB loyal players who continue to grow. "Though launched less than a year ago, but the number of players currently approaching PB 2 million registration number," said Edy Jansen, Marketing Manager of PT Kreon, when contacted ITGazine, Thursday (11/2/2010).

Edy also added that the number of PB players not only concentrated in big cities but also some small town in Indonesia. "The spread of reaching the entire city of Indonesia, including Aceh, Payakumbuh, Papua, Timika, and other small town," said Edy.

No different than with CS, PB offers a number of battles dilakoni by a group of terrorists with an anti-terrorist. This game was mentioned better than CS because of the quality of the graphics are presented.

Attack Safari, Opera Mini Invasion iPhone

 Success provides a browser for Java-based mobile devices to make it the most popular, Opera is now beginning to expand into a number of platforms that started up the leaves. Not only penetrated the Symbian and Windows Phone, they are also working on Android and the iPhone.

Opera Software is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, plans to announce Opera Mini for iPhone at an exclusive preview to the press and our partners at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2010 in Barcelona, 15-16 February 2010. Opera Mini that can be used on almost any mobile phone that supports Java standards was now available for Symbian and BlackBerry mobile phones.

Based on test results, Opera Mini for iPhone is claimed six times faster than the browser load, Safari, and can save up to 90 percent of data per MB. This is because Opera Mini's compression technology which is supported very effectively so that they can load web pages faster and reduce the cost of data usage. With an existing favorite features on the desktop, such as Tab, Speed Dial, and Password Manager, Opera Mini is designed to make browsing the web.

"This is a unique opportunity to introduce the speed of Opera Mini, a browser that is rich in features, to provide the best experience when using the web on the iPhone. It is also an opportunity to show off the latest beta version of Opera Mobile and Opera Mini on other platforms and devices. Mission Opera Mini is to bring the web to the world. With provide Opera Mini on other platforms, we were one step closer to achieving that goal, "said Jon von Tetzchner Opera Software as a founder of the release to the press on Wednesday (11/2/2010) .

In the MWC performances, Opera will also exhibit Opera Mobile beta 3 to 10 devices Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile, Opera Mobile for Android 10 beta, Opera Mini 5 beta for multiple devices and platforms, and Opera Widgets Manager cross platform beta for Windows Mobile device and S60.

Opera Mini for iPhone using a version of Opera Mini 5 Beta. For a while, the software is still not available to the public. I wonder, whether Opera Mini can lick Safari?

Detection of Sperm Quality In just 12 seconds

Ever felt curious about the quality of your sperm? How much, is it still good or not and so on? Now, researchers found a quick test to determine sperm quality in just 12 seconds. Remarkably again, this test can be done at home.

Loes Segerink and colleagues from the MESA + Institute for Nanotechnology at the University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands is the researcher who developed the test. They make a microfluidic chip size of 10 cm can detect male fertility through sperm.

Many men who want to test the quality of sperm but lazy or embarrassed to go to the doctor. Based on the researchers created the device. "With the successful systems we create, the problem can be overcome," he said as quoted Segerink from New Scientist, Wednesday (10/2/2010).

The chip works by counting sperm cells that were damaged through an electrode. From there is to know how many sperm are still functioning or not.

Generally, men who do the sperm test to the doctor took him about an hour to analyze. But the chip is made by Dutch researchers, you can save up to 48 seconds.

"This chip takes only 12 seconds with an error rate that is not much different from the calculation of sperm in general. This chip is manufactured to be applied at home than in hospitals," said Segerink.

But according to Michael Dunn, a researcher from the University of Oxford, the chip behind the advantage that there is potential for harm. "If the patient is not accompanied by experts as a test, there could be errors of interpretation and information about the fertility of their sperm," said Dunn.

"Even if a technology is ready for the market, the human ability in using technology that is worth considering," he added.

According to WHO, a normal sperm count is around 10-20 million per milliliter, or about 2-6 milliliters. The characteristics of healthy sperm, among others the amount above 10 million permililiter, fast and straight movements, the shape is relatively normal, good life skills, no bacteria and leukospermia a lot.

To test the quality of sperm, there are a variety of laboratory tests that can be done include:

   1. Test Semen (semen) complete, ie minimal steps to assess the categories of male fertility and scrotal function.
   2. Spermatozoa function tests, to determine the ability of sperm and live sperm membrane integrity.
   3. Test Post-coitus, which is related test Transportation sperm after intercourse.
   4. Test Microbiology and Virology, namely the analysis of semen by culture and test bacteria for antibiotic resistance.
   5. Immunological tests, yaiu rate of antibodies in the semen of their own sperm or the wife of blood serum antibodies.

Gus Dur & Suharto Will Be a Degree of Heroes

Two former President of Indonesia, Abdurrahman Wahid alias Gus Dur and Suharto will be considered to be the title of hero. Title will be considered the Council Degrees and Honorary Service Signs newly appointed President SBY.

"Regarding the proposed Gus Dur and Suharto was proposed to the title heroes will also be considered by the Board of the new title. It will be checked based on the objective facts of history, "says president spokesman, Julian Aldrin Pasha.

It was mentioned by Julian in the Office of the President, Jl Veteran, Jakarta Pusat, Wednesday (10/2/2010). The results of the proposed society, will be submitted to the President. Council has appointed his own title and consists of 7 people. They consist of 2 elements of academic, military and 2 element 3 element of community leaders.

They are Air Marshal Djoko Suyanto TNI (Chairman), Hayono Suyono (Vice Chairman), and a member Juwono Sudarsono, TB Silalahi, M Quraish Shihab, Jimly Ashshiddiqie and Edi Sedyawati.

While members of the Board of Degree Ashshiddiqie Jimly said President SBY provide direction as a nation that has civilization does not stingy high to reward fluently and less so grateful.

"We are pleased to punish and reward are not pleased. People who have contributed and contribute to the country should be given the award," said Jimly.

Regarding the proposal Wahid and Suharto to be given the title of hero, so far the Council has received proposals Degree from various community groups.

Was it discussed? "No," he said.