Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In Indonesia, Point Blank reach 2 Million Users

Slow coming of online gaming First Shoter Person (FPS) or Point Blank so-called PB, began to shift the type of the fame game, the Counter Strike (CS). This game also claimed to have a sufficient number of players a lot.

PB formally by PT Kreon trafficked in Indonesia and was introduced to the public since June 25, 2009. Although still relatively new, but this game was quite successful in the market.

This is indicated by PB loyal players who continue to grow. "Though launched less than a year ago, but the number of players currently approaching PB 2 million registration number," said Edy Jansen, Marketing Manager of PT Kreon, when contacted ITGazine, Thursday (11/2/2010).

Edy also added that the number of PB players not only concentrated in big cities but also some small town in Indonesia. "The spread of reaching the entire city of Indonesia, including Aceh, Payakumbuh, Papua, Timika, and other small town," said Edy.

No different than with CS, PB offers a number of battles dilakoni by a group of terrorists with an anti-terrorist. This game was mentioned better than CS because of the quality of the graphics are presented.