Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lates Cheat Poker Facebook

The last few months Facebook Poker Cheat Keyword increasing extraordinary. Incidentally also was an avid Facebook Poker playing one game online free flash-based player that also had a chance to make this blog neglected for some time. In accordance with the title of this post about the latest Facebook Poker Cheat, I want to share one way that I know, this is not a cheat but more accurately called the latest tricks to outsmart the Lottery Facebook that often appear in the early opening of this poker application page. Although not included Poker Cheat Facebook but so-so was included as one way to increase the coffers Chips in our account. The next trick let's assume the new Facebook Poker Cheat, cheat be imposed only for the same purpose aja kok, cuman we better play in the early part of this application exactly as I said earlier that a lottery many times.

How do I? Here's how:

1. Sign facebook application using the Opera browser. Remember only use Facebook poker chips cheat is if you use Opera browser is not IE or Mozilla Firefox. Once you've logged in as usual to enter into friends facebook account, then go to the Facebook application to Poker poker tricks we consider it as a Cheat.

2. After you enter the Poker Facebook application, it will appear Lottery which is applied by Zynga create a user once in 24 hours. It was taukan lottery which one? I'm sure my friends already know. Then click a check in the lottery of my friends got. Once you click the check mark is green yyang, CLICK submenu immediately example facebook Home / Home. Do it quickly before the application is complete Loading Poker. After being on the Home or Home, in your Opera browser click the Back (the arrow that leads to the back of it). Back after clicking the sign, then the friend will be brought back to Poker facebook applications have a friend who had entered earlier. Well after entering the Poker application, will reappear Number Lottery will you get for the second time. Check again and then click Back on your Opera browser and your friends will be brought back to the porch or Home. Do it again and again until you are satisfied.

The way that I think of it as the latest Facebook Poker Cheat can only be done through the Opera browser. Remember the Opera browser. Because according to one of my friends, opera browser stores cookies. Well this is one of the cookies that recorded by Opera.