Friday, February 12, 2010

Madonna & Jesus Luz spotted kissing at night club

Recently circulated pictures of Madonna and denied breaking Jesus Luz. In the photo looks Madonna was kissing his young lovers in a night club in Brazil.

As reported by The Superficial, Friday (12/2/2010), in the photographs taken when the Madonna and Jesus Luz spent the night at a local club in Rio de Janeiro, on Wednesday (10/2/2010). Madonna's black dress appeared several times with Jesus tenderly kissing Luz in the crowd.

Gossip breaking 51-year-old singer and Luz Jesus circulated in early February. Reportedly, Madonna was felt did not fit with the model.

Women are now 51-year-old's first encounter with Jesus in December 2008 and, a week before he was divorced with director Guy Ritchie. At that time, they engage in W magazine photo shoot session

Avoiding Addiction Vibrator

Vibrator is a sex tool that is widely used women. This tool comes because many women who struggle to reach orgasm. With a vibrator nerves around the vagina is more active that makes women orgasm easier.

But there are fears began in western countries, the vibrator will make women become addicted and the risk of making it as a substitute for an intimate partner. Vibrator is used outside of the vagina to stimulate the clitoris.

Can a woman be so out of control in using a vibrator?

Sex expert and author Dr. Yvonne K. sex Fulbright says there is nothing wrong in using a vibrator in sexual intercourse.

"There's nothing dangerous, nothing is bad or unhealthy about using a vibrator," said Dr. Yvonne as quoted from FOXNews, Friday (12/2/2010).

He admitted there were some cases of women who use vibrators because it is difficult to reach a climax when done alone or with a partner without this tool.

He thinks there are two reasons why a vibrator many women liked:
1. The existence of clitoral stimulation.
Vibrator provides a direct and strong sensation of the 8000 nerve endings in the crown of women. This area is often not enough attention for sex.

2. The existence of the body's response.
The body will learn to respond in a way and a certain pattern when using a vibrator.

Women who use vibrators generally admitted his time more efficiently and could achieve orgasm and enjoyment as not break his spirit because it is difficult to reach orgasm during intercourse.

Women, especially in western countries also admitted more fun and safer to use sex toy than have sex with couples who may have contagious diseases.

To avoid a vibrator addiction, Dr Yvonne advised women not to make this as routine. Change the way of use such as by using it in the hands that can help rest the hand and avoid excessive fantasies.

Dr Yvonne says not to make sex aids women tend to choose masturbation than with spouse because it is not healthy for their relationship later. Married healthier than sex alone.

Elevation snow in Washington and New York Achieve One Meter

Snow storm back attack crippled the northern United States (U.S.). At least 6000 flights at airports Washington and New York was canceled since Wednesday local time (10 / 2). The offices of the federal government was re-closed after three days previously did not operate.
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered to dismiss all the schools in the Big Apple. Also headquarters and representative offices of the UN. "All the canceled because of snowy days is very rare," he said as reported by Agence France-Presse reported yesterday (11 / 2). According to Bloomberg, the Washington-Baltimore inhabited approximately 8 million inhabitants is a region with the worst effects.
Height of snow on the main streets of Washington and New York almost reached one meter. Millions of residents of two great cities would be forced to shut myself up in the house. Tens of thousands of potential airline passengers were stranded. Most of them had to stay at the airport because there is almost no vehicles that operate in the snow is heavy.
In Baltimore, the local government imposed ban on driving for several hours last Wednesday. Unless the emergency and urgent. "This is the worst snowstorm that swept our county since 1922," said Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.
Electricity blackouts in several areas, among others, Maryland and Virginia, residents worsen conditions in a blizzard this time. Some areas in the two states was held last week without electricity. "It's not easy to stay in the house (without electricity) if you have small children," complained a resident of Virginia, Mary Abousleiman.
Associated Press noted, blizzards in winter 2009-2010 this time as a new record in Washington. State capitals that Uncle Sam had completely paralyzed due to drifts as high as about 137 centimeters in 1898-1899. Currently, the snow in Washington, reached 139 centimeters, about 2 inches taller. New record height of snow also broke out in Baltimore and Philadelphia.

The defeat of Leeds Brings Blessings for MU

Manchester United excluded from the FA Cup hunt actually brought its own blessings for Sir Alex Ferguson and his players to achieve excellence in Europe.

after defeated 0-1 by Leeds United, Manchester United did not have the burden to show the oldest football competition in the world. Thus, the Red Devils squad have time to rest before the game last 16 of the Champions League against AC Milan next, February 16.

If MU still survive in the FA Cup, then they certainly will compete in the fifth round will be held on the weekend.

"From the standpoint of preparation ahead of the game at the European level we are happy to rest on the weekends. We were lucky not to have the game on Saturday because we were left out of the FA Cup and we will take advantage of these conditions"Ferguson explained.

"The players will get a break in a few days because they have worked hard and would not return to practice on Saturday," he continued.

Ferguson also expressed his envy of the privileges obtained from the body Milan Italian football, which he said would not be obtained by English clubs.

"AC Milan played on Friday night. It was a relief for the European team from their country. We did not get it here (UK), "said 68-year coach.