Friday, February 12, 2010

The defeat of Leeds Brings Blessings for MU

Manchester United excluded from the FA Cup hunt actually brought its own blessings for Sir Alex Ferguson and his players to achieve excellence in Europe.

after defeated 0-1 by Leeds United, Manchester United did not have the burden to show the oldest football competition in the world. Thus, the Red Devils squad have time to rest before the game last 16 of the Champions League against AC Milan next, February 16.

If MU still survive in the FA Cup, then they certainly will compete in the fifth round will be held on the weekend.

"From the standpoint of preparation ahead of the game at the European level we are happy to rest on the weekends. We were lucky not to have the game on Saturday because we were left out of the FA Cup and we will take advantage of these conditions"Ferguson explained.

"The players will get a break in a few days because they have worked hard and would not return to practice on Saturday," he continued.

Ferguson also expressed his envy of the privileges obtained from the body Milan Italian football, which he said would not be obtained by English clubs.

"AC Milan played on Friday night. It was a relief for the European team from their country. We did not get it here (UK), "said 68-year coach.