Sunday, February 7, 2010

'Avatar' Excluded Of Box Office

After seven weeks, mighty at the top of box office, 'Avatar' finally toppled. Film James Cameron's claim, was defeated by a romantic film, 'Dear John. "

'Dear John,' able to collect U.S. $ 32 million in the week. As for 'Avatar' is seven weeks in a row, best-selling-sweet, now just get a U.S. $ 22 million.

We played last weekend, 'Dear John' is a direct defeat 'Avatar. " The film's adaptation of Nicholas Spark's novel, it earned U.S. $ 13.8 million, while the 'Avatar', U.S. $ 6.8 million.

'Dear John' starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried. Tatum is known as a movie star 'G.I. Joe, 'while Seyfried name soared through the film' Mamma Mia!. "

Being in the sequence of 3 box office, there is the latest John Travolta movie, 'From Paris With Love. " Meanwhile, Mel Gibson tergres action, 'Edge of Darkness,' is one rank below the John Travolta film.