Monday, February 15, 2010

Microsoft and Google Racing in the Olympic Games 2010

Olympics Winter 2010 also seems to be an excellent race to Google and Microsoft. Both are competing to display information and the best virtual view of that event.

They tried to present the best information for those who can not come directly to the snowy slopes of Vancouver, the site of the Olympic Games.

Launched from Cnet, Monday (15/2/2010), both using the software mapping has to remain can update the game is in progress.

Microsoft through Bing Maps Olimpide offer special page. Here visitors can see the acquisition as well as the pursuit of medals athletes in each country. This view is also supported by photographs of Vancouver is a continuously updated.

Meanwhile, Google displays an interactive schedule, links to the medal and also view the location of the race duration.

Google also put a special vehicle for the visual display. Vehicle named 'The slope of View' is able to walk in the snow and help the rider capture location.

Not leave it at that, Google is also celebrating the Olympic mat featuring Olympic themed doodles. While Bing, wearing image of Olymplic smelly as a background.