Thursday, February 4, 2010

'Jamila dan Sang Presiden' wins Asian Film Festival in France

Film 'Jamila and the President' or Indonesian title is 'Jamila dan Sang Presiden' had won two awards in the International Asian Film Festival in Vesoul, France, which lasted for a week (26 / 1 - 2/2/2010). Two achivement that the Prix de Public and Lycéen Jury Prix.

Besides won two awards, a film written and directed by movie makers and activists, Ratna Sarumpaet was also successful in attracting the attention of Art et Essai, a network of French cinema in particular showing independent films.

"Art et Essai states will show the film 'Jamila and the President' in all cinema in France"said Gita Loka Murti Social Cultural Information Function of Indonesian Embassy at Paris told AFP tonight or Thursday (4/2/2010) morning.

Ratna Sarumpaet himself stated very satisfied with the results achieved 'Jamila and the President' the construction cost USD 6 billion. Ratna said the cost of making movies pessimist would return, but expect the circulation of films in Taiwan and France will be able to boost ratings 'Jamila and the President' and have chance to release in other countries.

Besides Indonesia, the festival was also attended by participants from China, India, Korea, Turkey, Iran, Taiwan, Philippines and Japan.

Asian Film Festival in Vesoul is an international activity held every year in the city. Operation of this year is that the 16 times the number of viewers reached 26,000 people.

The films that win in this festival will again be shown to the public in France Musée Guimet of Asian Arts in Paris on 7 to 9 April 2010.