Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jose Mourinho, Life Threatened in Italy

THIS IS risks become rich, popular people like Jose Mourinho. Being a famous architect and classmate club Inter Milan, the Portuguese man is now charged extra vigilant. The reason is, his name in the list of sought after gangsters from Macedonia who have a relationship with the Mafia in Italy.

This band of thieves had a scary reputation. Making the rich as target. Stealing property and do not often kill its owner's life.

Since the number of casualties, local police asked for Mourinho with his wife, Tami, and their two children, Jose Jr., and Matilde temporarily displaced. They must leave the luxury villa on the shores of Lake Como in Italy occupied for.

Four men were arrested from Macedonia in an Italian police operation.
Of the four men named Nikollovska known Mirjana, 46, from Genoa, Bruno Bentivoglio, 44, Zoran Bentivoglio, 20, and Luca Radosavljevic, 30, all three from Milan, known to their next target is Mourinho. Knowing this, Mourinho and his family were evacuated directly to a region near the convergence exercise Como Inter in the region.

From the information the police, the thieves are already a few days lurking Mourinho. Terrible, they are also planning a murder. Therefore, to ensure the safety of the former Chelsea manager and his family, a number of guards are now prepared.

"There was a plan the theft of the celebrities. Before taking the goods, they usually perform brutal acts on the victim," explained Major Vito In Gioia, the person responsible for security in the region Genova, as quoted by the Daily Mail, Wednesday, February 10.

"We found some related information Mourinho, and security officials have decided to give assurance of salvation. We have no right to give more detailed explanation," he continued.

Inter own party does not deny the existence of the threat. Only, they also chose silence. "This is police business and we have no right to comment," explained spokesman Inter.

For two seasons to handle Inter, Mourinho has twice received death threats. Last year, as Sulley Muntari's decision highlights that remain fasting in Ramadan, he received death threats from radical Islamic groups.