Thursday, February 4, 2010

Keris, Wayang, and Batik Ornaments at House, Hotel, and Building

Minister of Culture and Tourism of Indonesia Jero Wacik ordered that all houses, government buildings and non-governmental, hotels, and embassies ornaments decorated with batik, keris, and wayang Indonesian puppets.
This is conveyed in the certificate handover ceremony of the UNESCO cultural heritage of batik, keris, and a puppet in the office of the Ministry of People's Welfare Coordinator, Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat, Central Jakarta, Friday (5/2/2010).
"I've made a circular to all of our homes, all buildings, all hotels must have keris, batik ornaments, and puppets. Embassies, legations I also have asked for. Everything, in front of the lobby must be puppets, batik, and kris," said Jero Wacik.
Command is meant for encouraging the preservation of cultural heritage which three are recognized the world. Jero say, one of effective efforts in preserving the cultural heritage is the third is by frequent use or use a third cultural heritage.
"Batik is more easily preserved because we like to use it. The most difficult is the puppet and kris," said Jero Wacik.
Today the Indonesian government received three certificates of UNESCO as a form of recognition of the cultural heritage of Indonesia, namely batik, keris, and wayang.
In addition, UNESCO is also providing a certificate of Best Practices for cultural preservation efforts that have been made batik Indonesia through training for students in cooperation with the Museum Batik Pekalongan.