Saturday, February 13, 2010

After Brazil, VW Recall 20,000 Cars in Mexico

A day after declaring an interest 200,000 cars in Brazil because of interferences in the rear wheels, Volkswagen (VW) pulled about 20,000 cars in Mexico.
As quoted by AFP, Saturday (13/2/2010) problems experienced almost the same car as the car pulled in Brazil. Rear wheel bearing lubrication less so squeaky wheel often.
"If this issue is not settled soon, will make the wheels stop moving" the statement VW.
The car was pulled VW Gol in Mexico. Previously interesting about 200,000 Volkswagen cars in Brazil.
"Bearing lubricants are less able to lock the rear wheels if used continuously. In extreme cases the wheel can work loose and potentially causing an accident," the statement VW.
Recall the more widespread these days that occurs when the device is too extreme in the modern car.
Toyota previously pulled back more than 8.5 million vehicles. After that Honda's turn to extend the withdrawal of nearly 950,000 cars vehicle. Is wave recall going to stop?