Saturday, February 13, 2010

Women Lecturer is Suspect Shooting 3 associate in the U.S.

Huntsville, a small town famous for its tradition of science and technology, shaken by the shooting incident that occurred at the University of Alabama, which killed 3 campus staff. More surprising again, suspect the shooting was not a student, but a lecturer.
Lecturer's name was Amy Bishop (45), an expert and assistant professor of neurobiology at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. He was arrested shortly after spitting bullets in a faculty meeting on Friday (12/2/2010) local time. Thus was launched the LA Times, Sunday (14/2/2010).
Amy subjected to first-degree murder section. He was accused of killing his colleagues and injuring 3 others 3. Three deaths were Polia Gopi, head of the Department of Biology; Maria Ragland Davis, professor of biotechnology and Adriel Johnson, a professor of physiology.
Based on campus records, Amy holds a Ph.D. in genetics from Harvard University. In 2008, the Rector of the University in Huntsville Alamaba predict that the results of research on cell Amy will be changing the biology techniques and medical research.
Police said Amy using 9-mm gun with 16 bullets, which was later found in the ladies.
On Saturday (13 / 2) found a new fact that she had shot her brother when he was 20 years old.In December 1986, he shot his brother to death after the two argued bitterly. But the event, called the accident, no legal process.