Saturday, February 13, 2010

Critics Question About Privacy, Google Fixed Buzz

Buzz features the emergence of criticism from Gmail users. They were questioned about privacy. Do not want to continue to receive criticism, Google's new service overhaul. There are three reforms are carried out. First, Google will auto-stop feature and replace it with the following 'suggestion'. Auto-following will automatically connect the user with the contact he often send email and chat. After many protests, Google was replaced by only giving reference (suggestion) and the user is free to choose which contacts will be follow.

The second reform, Google will no longer connect content in Picasa Web Albums and Google Reader automatically.

And last, Google did the addition of Buzz tab that can be traced in Gmail Settings. This makes the user more freedom to control Buzznya, whether to hide or totally disabled.

Reporting from the official Gmail blog, Sunday (14/2/2010), Google will begin to imply that the reforms the next few days.